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Teach Me Adobe Photoshop CS5 in ASL DVD



James Kittell


Color, Widescreen, NTSC, HD


English and ASL

Aspect Ratio


Number of Discs


Number of Lessons




DVD Release Date

August 28, 2012

Run Time

232 minutes (12 discs)





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Lesson 53


Lesson 84




Past Verbs



Lesson 107


Lesson 131





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Product Description


Learn Adobe Photoshop CS5 in American Sign Language. Become an expert quickly!

Are you ready to be an expert on Adobe Photoshop CS5? Photoshop is the one of popular applications in the Adobe Production CS5 suite, and Photoshop has some exciting new features. If you learn best when you can see how something is done, you'll find 266 step-by-step instructions and stunning full-color, full-motion recordings of a running application make it quick and easy to learn Photoshop in order to prepare yourself in your transition into the working world, or higher academic or vocational training.

As a beginner, intermediate user or advanced user, you'll learn to:

  • Crop, straighten, and trim images
  • Change brightness and contrast
  • Edit by using layers and filters
  • Save images in different formats
  • Practice your skills using the sample images on the Web site
  • Handle practical tips and tricks

When you've completed your Adobe Photoshop CS5 training, you'll know how to use all the time-saving tips, tricks and troubleshooting techniques that help you get up and running on Photoshop right away.

This package consists of 133 lessons on 12  discs and practice images on a disc for Photoshop training purposes.







Getting Started - 30 minutes

Lesson 1

Start Photoshop on a PC

Lesson 2

The Photoshop Workspace

Lesson 3

Find Images for Your Projects

Lesson 4

Set Preferences

Lesson 5

Save a Workspace

Lesson 6

Open an Image

Lesson 7

Open a Recently Accessed Image

Lesson 8

Browse for an Image in Bridge

Lesson 9

Sort and Filter Images in Bridge

Lesson 10

Display a Slide Show in Bridge

Lesson 11

Group Similar Images in Bridge

Lesson 12

Create a New Image

Lesson 13

Exit Photoshop



Understanding Photoshop Basics - 20 minutes

Lesson 14

Introducing the Photoshop Toolbox

Lesson 15

Work with Toolbox Tools

Lesson 16

Rearrange the Toolbox

Lesson 17

Magnify with the Zoom Tool

Lesson 18

Return an Image to 100% Magnification

Lesson 19

Adjust Views

Lesson 20

Magnify the Image to Its Largest Size

Lesson 21

Change Screen Modes

Lesson 22

Using Rulers and Guides

Lesson 23

Manage Image Windows



Changing the Size of an Image - 40 minutes

Lesson 24

Change the On-Screen Size of an Image

Lesson 25

Change the Print Size of an Image

Lesson 26

Change the Resolution of an Image

Lesson 27

Crop an Image

Lesson 28

Rotate and Crop an Image

Lesson 29

Crop and Straighten Photos

Lesson 30

Trim an Image

Lesson 31

Change the Canvas Size of an Image



Making Selections - 28 minutes

Lesson 32

Select with the Marquee Tools

Lesson 33

Customize the Marguee Tools

Lesson 34

Select with the Lasso Tool

Lesson 35

Select with the Magnetic Lasso Tool

Lesson 36

Select with the Quick Selection Tool

Lesson 37

Select with the Magic Wand Tool

Lesson 38

Select with the Color Range Command

Lesson 39

Select All the Pixels in an Image

Lesson 40

Move a Selection Border

Lesson 41

Add to or Subtract from a Selection

Lesson 42

Invert a Selection

Lesson 43

Grow a Selection

Lesson 44

Create Slices



Manipulating Selections - 27minutes

Lesson 45

Move a Selection

Lesson 46

Copy and Paste a Selection

Lesson 47

Delete a Selection

Lesson 48

Rotate a Selection

Lesson 49

Scale a Selection

Lesson 50

Skew or Distort a Selection

Lesson 51

Perform Content-Aware Scaling

Lesson 52

Refine a Selection Edge

Lesson 53

Feather the Border of a Selection

Lesson 54

Create Vanishing Point Planes

Lesson 55

Copy between Vanishing Point Planes



Painting and Drawing with Color - 50 minutes

Lesson 56

Select the Foreground and Background Colors

Lesson 57

Select a Color with the Eyedropper Tool

Lesson 58

Select a Color with the Swatches Panel

Lesson 59

Using the Brush Tool

Lesson 60

Change Brush Styles

Lesson 61

Apply a Gradient

Lesson 62

Using the Paint Bucket Tool

Lesson 63

Fill a Selection

Lesson 64

Using Content-Aware Fill

Lesson 65

Stroke a Selection

Lesson 66

Using the Clone Stamp

Lesson 67

Using the Pattern Stamp

Lesson 68

Using the Healing Brush

Lesson 69

Using the Patch Tool

Lesson 70

Using the History Brush

Lesson 71

Using the Eraser

Lesson 72

Fix Red Eye in a Photo



Adjusting Colors - 42 minutes

Lesson 73

Change Brightness and Contrast

Lesson 74

Using the Dodge and Burn Tools

Lesson 75

Using the Blur and Sharpen Tools

Lesson 76

Adjust Levels

Lesson 77

Adjust Curves

Lesson 78

Adjust Hue and Saturation

Lesson 79

Using the Sponge Tool

Lesson 80

Adjust Color Balance

Lesson 81

Using the Variations Command

Lesson 82

Match Colors between Images

Lesson 83

Correct Shadows and Highlights

Lesson 84

Create a Duotone

Lesson 85

Convert to Black and White

Lesson 86

Adjust Vibrance



Working with Layers - 40 minutes

Lesson 87

Create and Add to a Layer

Lesson 88

Hide a Layer

Lesson 89

Move a Layer

Lesson 90

Duplicate a Layer

Lesson 91

Delete a Layer

Lesson 92

Change the Opacity of a Layer

Lesson 93

Reorder Layers

Lesson 94

Merge Layers

Lesson 95

Rename a Layer

Lesson 96

Transform a Layer

Lesson 97

Create a Solid Fill Layer

Lesson 98

Create an Adjustment Layer

Lesson 99

Edit an Adjustment Layer

Lesson 100

Apply an Adjustment-Layer Preset

Lesson 101

Link Layers

Lesson 102

Blend Layers

Lesson 103

Work with Smart Objects

Lesson 104

Create a Layer Group



Applying Layer Styles - 20 minutes

Lesson 105

Apply a Drop Shadow

Lesson 106

Apply an Outer Glow

Lesson 107

Apply Beveling and Embossing

Lesson 108

Apply Multiple Styles to a Layer

Lesson 109

Edit a Layer Style

Lesson 110

Using the Styles Panel



Applying Filters - 41 minutes

Lesson 111

Turn an Image into a Painting

Lesson 112

Blur an Image

Lesson 113

Sharpen an Image

Lesson 114

Distort an Image

Lesson 115

Add Noise to an Image

Lesson 116

Turn an Image into Shapes

Lesson 117

Turn an Image into a Charcoal Sketch

Lesson 118

Apply Glowing Edges to an Image

Lesson 119

Add Texture to an Image

Lesson 120

Offset an Image

Lesson 121

Using the Liquify Filter

Lesson 122

Apply Multiple Filters

Lesson 123

Using Smart Filters



Drawing Shapes - 14 minutes

Lesson 124

Draw a Shape

Lesson 125

Draw a Custom Shape

Lesson 126

Draw a Straight Line

Lesson 127

Draw a Shape with the Pen

Lesson 128

Edit a Shape



Adding and Manipulating Type - 14 minutes

Lesson 129

Add Type to an Image

Lesson 130

Add Type in a Bounding Box

Lesson 131

Change the Formatting of Type

Lesson 132

Change the Color of Type

Lesson 133

Warp Type





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