A Small Team Building Something Big

ASLE.TV has a small, passionate, thoughtful and creative team that does their best to improve the way the deaf community learns. Too many people around the globe are struggling to reach good education or are forced to learn through a system that does not properly recognize and organize their individual needs. ASLE.TV believes that the learning-through-vision technology exists today to primarily change this, and we are trying to build the tools and resources that every participant deserves.

ASLE.TV also believes that it is their obligation to relentlessly focus on what the participant values, and we make every decision with the participant in mind.

Learn Faster. Live for a Better Life.
— James Kittell, Founder

Our Program

Founded in 2000, ASL MEDIA—a parent company of ASLE.TV—has developed our educational English-ASL translating media library to prepare deaf participants in their pursuit for further education in colleges or trade schools, and to work in today's careers. After the launch of ASLE.TV in 2008, over 20,000 educational videos were sold to individuals across the globe that have enhanced their learning skills needed to succeed in their career goals. They learn faster and retain more by breaking through learning blocks, and learning through vision quickly and correctly.

Our Mission

The mission of ASL MEDIA is to enhance the dignity, quality of life and hope of deaf participants through our learning-through-vision technology in order to prepare them in their transition into the labor market, or higher academic or vocational training.

Our Vision

Every person in the deaf community has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential, and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.